What size should I order?

We give out sizing recommendations primarily based off height. The Swagga Suit is meant to fit loosely/comfortably. You're not wearing the Swagga Suit to be sexy (although you will be in your own special way), but instead you are wearing it to exude swagga. Think about what size of men's sweatpants/sweatshirt you would order. That's typically the size that will fit you best. 

What is the return/exchange policy?

We want to make sure you end up with a suit that you love and will wear whenever the mood strikes. If the suit ends up not working for you, we will gladly give you a full refund. If you need to exchange the size, we will gladly do that as well! However, as a small business, it can be burdensome to cover the shipping for you to return your current suit and receive a new one. We hope you understand if we ask you to pay for the shipping of the return and we will gladly ship you the new suit for free!

What schools/teams do you currently sell?

Whatever suits you see available on our website are what we currently are licensed to sell: University of Washington, Clemson University, and West Virginia University.

You can also purchase San Francisco Giants Swagga Suits and Milwaukee Bucks Swagga Suits from their team stores.

You don't have my school/team! Why not?

We would be absolutely thrilled if one day that was an option for us to make Swagga Suits for all schools/teams!! But for now, the only teams/universities we can make Swagga Suits for are the ones we offer on our site.

However... that doesn't mean there aren't options for you to take the swag into your own hands! Here is a blog with step by step instructions on how you can customize your very own Swagga Suit!

Do you make custom suits?

We will probably point you towards this blog on how you can customize a Swagga Suit on your own, but you can contact us and ask anyways if you want!

How do you get all that swag into a single suit?!

It sure ain't easy.